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Special excursions for amateur and professional fishing are prepared while visiting privileged places for it. The lakes and rivers of the Fueguina Mountain Range wait to captivate all with its infinite beauty and peace. Another activity is the tour through the patrimonial route from Porvenir until Pto. Arturo, passing through important historical milestones as Onaisin, the old English cementary, a settlement selknam, near the rio Marazzi; villa Cameron; Pto.Yartou, near to the hill Carmen Silva, a place where he lived a large number of families selknam and where they lived the more terrible for the massacres of the aborigines in this land at the hands of Julius Popper at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th Century.

We are in the search for different trips in places of special attraction. We want you to know the history of Tierra del Fuego island, its people, its environment, its flora and fauna. We will have the opportunity to go horse back ridding and trekking to be able introduce us to the ancient forests of beech, that in autumn presents a special feature, giving beautiful changing colors ranging from a typical green through the entire range of red and yellow. A beech tree can reach up to 30 mt. high and can be seen up to 600 mt. high, the oldest specimens can have a diameter of 1 meter and a half. We would like to have the opportunity to marvel you with these beautiful landscapes that only exist in autumn time, so these tours are going to happen make as a part of autumn tourism, from April to June.

We can also see a variety of shrubs in the highest part of the mountain, such as myrtle, extensive peat bogs can be seen where reeds grow on its edges, from which the reeds were extracted and were occupied by indigenous to make baskets to collect seafood, among other uses. We can also enjoy landscapes with native trees such as coigüe, cinnamon, ñirre, leña dura, ciruelillo.

You can discover different species in their natural habitat such as penguins, albatrosses, elephant seals, leopard seals, sea lions, the southern dolphin or porpoise, Magellan otter, orcas and franca petrels whales, cormorants, gulls, terns, the majestic condor, different types of geese, huala, wild ducks, also eagles, hawks, woodpeckers, herons, parrots, and zorsales. It is unpredictable spotting these species, however, there are many, both near the coast and in the intermediate and highest of the mountains of Tierra del Fuego. In the trails we can watch the gentle and tender guanacos, gray fox and red fox, wild horses, we will run during excursions with rabbits and beavers, and species introduced by man to the island.

You can sail within almirantazgo sine, visit the remains of the Kaweskar ethnic at the Karukinka Island. Discovere a mummy of the ancient canoe and walk the last landscape of the American continent, Cape Froward.  Delight yourselves with sightings of franca whales and orcas. Explore fjords, Patagonian channels simulating the path of early explorers and researchers who discovered, the Strait of Magellan. You can experience fly fishing in places as far as the river Azopardo and Paralelo, with plenty of rainbow and brown trout.

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